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Real Estate

Symphonia: Symphonia caters to a global market with its unique services and novel online features. They are even synonymous with acclaimed property fairs. Melodia: Melodia believe that a strong and recognizable brand is a key attribute in business, since it expands the client's confidence, shapes the possession experience and impacts the buying decision. Melodia centers on branded reality, with faith in creating and showcasing our real estate projects as branded items rather than commodities.



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Virtual recruiters is an imaginative, ground breaking recruitment consultancy that accomplices with driving partnerships. Virtual Recruiters believe in helping people gain their dream job. They are specialized in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals from senior to junior level. They understand their clients' requirement and provide them with their desired candidates. In today's highly competitive world they require experienced, skilled and hardworking professionals to get an edge in the race.

Virtual Recurters

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Non-banking finance company: A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is an organization enrolled under the Companies Act in 1956 of India. It is occupied with the business loans, acquisition of shares, stock, securities, or chit-fund business, however, does exclude any establishment whose important business incorporates horticulture, mechanical activity or the immovable property. Commodity participants: An effective market for commodity futures requires an extensive number of market participants with various risk profiles. Responsibility for the underlying commodity isn't required for trading in commodity futures. The market members essentially need to deposit adequate money with brokerage firms to cover the necessities.

Non Banking Finance Company

Ravi Agrawal Investments & Portfolio

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Software Company

Mugenesys is a team of passionate designers, software developer, and marketers; they leverage their expertise in emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions that accelerate our clients. Our practices incorporate end to end services, designing, development, and marketing. As a service company, we have to earn our clients each day with true integrity, and dedication so that they stay with us for a longer time.


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Wedding Destination

Chattarpur Farms is a residential and wedding destination located at Nagpur, spread out in an area of 85 acres. Build in phases; it houses 22 residential villas which are housed with the latest modern amenities and luxury. The resort wedding destination has 3 banquet halls of different sizes and can accommodate 10,000 floating guest. It has 125 deluxe guest rooms and 2 group accommodation with 12 beds each. This can accommodate 450 guests stay at a time whose comfort is ensured by the team at Chattarpur Farms.

Chattapur Farms

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Oil & Gas Industry

Rajasthan Gases Ltd: Rajasthan Gas Ltd is a Public trading company. The Company is engaged in the gas filling ,transportation, and distribution of gases within the limits of Rajasthan. Now under Ravi Agrawal's guidance the company is intended to expand its wings by setting up warehouses.

Rajasthan Gases Ltd.

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Food Industry

His first contract in Rice and Wheat trading with Food Corporation of India set a new milestone. He further experimented with new grain Soya Bean, which put up L7 at an accelerated pace. Grain processing, including cereal and pulse processing, is one of the most established and most imperative of all food technologies that form an essential piece of the food production chain.

Food & Pluses Processing

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