Ravi Agrawal
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Philanthropy is one of Ravi's focus areas, he has

  • He has set up sewing schools with good quality equipment, trainers and infrastructure in rural areas to empower young girls with the necessary skills that will set them on the path to economic freedom.
  • He took a fresh approach to address and solve critical higher education and workforce challenges by offering a scholarship to school students.
  • He has donated towards equipment/machinery to various hospitals and gave medical facilities to people from rural areas, who cannot afford medical care.
  • He also set up water filters at various railway stations for daily commuters.
  • During winters he distributes warm clothing to the needy and homeless people

Mr. Ravi Agrawal also donated a vehicle 'Vaikunth Rath' to an NGO that provides free funeral service. He has built up a way of life for himself that has philanthropic interests imbued in it.

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