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Shades of Intolerance

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“Mr. Ravi Agrawal, this is a call for you. You are requested to.………”. I remember these words ringing in my ears at Mumbai airport while I was on my way to Dubai.

Known for being punctual always, I normally don’t get to hear this at the airport. But somehow, then, at the waiting lounge, I was pretty stunned and engrossed in the news that was swarming up on all news channel and social media. Well, after the Bihar elections, there could have not been equally inflammable news.

The melodramatic Bihar Legislative Assembly election and the amusing rift between NDA and Mahagathbandhan, Nitish Kumar finally made it once again to the CM’s seat. Well, after this political event, the second news to set on fire was the inconclusive hefty debate on intolerance. Well, Aamir too made it to news this time, not for a new flick but an intolerant statement, sorry, for a statement on intolerance!

And this is where I was caught off-guard and about to miss my flight….

The fever of intolerance debate still prevails but with a totally new discussion perspective. Soon, post the aftermath I came across – Fifty shades of intolerance, a column in the Times of India. Well put thoughts which shall make everyone ponder and probably would give clarity on the right thought process.

We live in a secular and a democratic country and have the liberty to tolerate or express intolerance. Expressing the right feeling for a right cause is highly essential. Ways of expressing intolerance is also another essential trait of human beings. To be tolerant or not to be tolerant and to what and what extent, is an entirely psychological phenomenon. Probably, it is a derivate of one’s encounter with situations and its intensity, which instigates him or her to act. Well, that does not certainly give the liberty to ignore civil behavior.

Showcasing only intolerance is definitely not a solution. Bringing about a change that works towards harmony and well-being of society would probably be the right step to eliminate the root cause of intolerance. We should be talking of treating the cause here and just not consider the symptoms.

As an entrepreneur, what drives me is- CHANGE, which only I can bring about in me. Looking at challenges positively helps me work on areas of improvement. Nothing shall ever be perfect, but that should not make us quit the situation.

At the moment, Chennai is facing the wrath of nature. Maybe, this is how nature has expressed its intolerance towards the atrocities of human beings and his contribution at an exponential rate towards global warming. I guess such natural disasters have a lot to say about intolerance and tries reminding us, the areas where we all should be actually focusing on and driving our energies.

In a nutshell, all I want to put forward is: Let’s fight together to bring a change and be a part of changed society.