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Ravi Agrawal Explains the Reality of Philanthropy

What do you think, when you hear a word “Philanthropist”? Most of us feel that a philanthropist is rich person having loads of money. Thus, donating a portion of it makes little difference to their overall wealth, and therefore requires little thought.

By definition, a philanthropist is a person who makes an active effort to promote human welfare. Whilst it’s true that some of the most famous philanthropists were, and are, incredibly wealthy. Usually, their philanthropic efforts are reflection of their general philosophy on life. Money donation to the needy people is just one of the ways they are using to satisfy a passion for improving the lives of others. They spend a considerable amount of their time devoting themselves to charitable foundations and trusts. The primary motto is striving for the well-being of others and dedicated to raise funds for the national and international charitable causes.

Helping others, by finding a cause and supporting it, need not be restricted to the wealthiest members of society. Many people, of very average means, make it a part of their financial plan to donate a percentage of their annual income to worthy causes. “Philanthropy is not just about writing checks “. It’s all about compassion and community. Philanthropy is for everyone. It is for the love for community and humanity. Don’t give away a lot of money, but do feel a genuine loyalty to needy people in the society. This is the reality of Philanthropy.

But some philanthropists are helping society in a different way by offering their skills to the requisite people to do their job more effectively. Mr. Ravi Agrawal is one of those eminent personalities, who is actively participating for upcoming for the deprived community

As a ‘New-age Leader, Mr. Ravi Agrawal believes in giving back to the society and he does it in a very generous way. ‘, he understands that giving food and other freebies will not solve the problems of deprived community completely; in contrary it will create a lifelong dependency. Thus, he is helping the needy by providing them knowledge of required technology, so that they can earn their bread and butter themselves. With his liberative thinking, Mr. Ravi Agrawal has provided his support to the needy in a variety of ways.

Mr. Ravi Agrawal also has great social interests; he actively engages in several philanthropic activities. He has extended his support to the needy in a variety of ways. He has started a technical education and a computer training program for slum dwellers. He has set up of program for slum dwellers on tailoring and the deserving candidates have been provided with sewing machines. Mr. Ravi Agrawal‘s Philanthropic interests have also made him donate a vehicle named, ‘Vaikunth Rath‘ to an NGO that gives free funeral service.

With his immaculate power of thinking, he has designed his own lifestyle and he always shines like a star in his field of interest.