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L7 Group Corporate Office
Whenever I think of writing, I have so much to share that at times I land up spending time in thinking what do I put first? Though that’s not the usual me, I prefer putting things strategically right and that’s what has propelled my journey so far . Well, friends, it’s time I share with you the most awaited project which I have been looking eagerly towards in the past couple of months. Yes, our new L7 Group corporate office at Nagpur is all set to open doors for operations and I am geared for a shine on this new lining.

With blessings and the good wishes from all, we are looking forward to hit the new office soon and with my team around, we shall be once again buzzing around and geared up to rock at work .

A mission is madness and this burning desire paves in ways for setting new milestone for Ravi Agrawal. While I retrospect, I look back to find myself fuelled up with passion to conquer my dreams. Every day there was a new dream and I wanted to make all of them come true. Never realized that, the then small dreams would grow big and chart out my journey; where today, I grace the joy of accomplishment.

Once again I thank all my well-wishers and my family for being my strong support system. A heartfelt gratitude and immense love to my beloved parents for shaping me what I am today. Mom and dad, though I know you are always there and showering your blessings, I shall always miss you.