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Hands-in-hand, we vowed to each other, to stay through thick and thin and never to part…..can’t believe friends but it’s 10 years of a happy marriage!! Thanks to Amita I owe her a lot for bearing all my tantrums and making me feel special with every passing day.

I can still recollect the pre-wedding preparations going on at home and finally when I saw the invitation card “Ravi Agrawal weds Amita”- I knew there was no escape now! Just kidding, but on an honest note, I have become speechless and fumbling for words while I thank my lovely wife.

Sharing a bond that grows and strengthens with time requires patience and enduring love. And a marriage definitely needs more at all frontiers! Amita has been exceptionally excellent at all ends and in true sense has stood by me as my better half.

I cannot resist wondering at the miracle of God, as to how can he make two different people share a lovely bond! Let me not sound here like a gyani (at least not on the topic of marriages) but 10 years taught me that patience, trust, maturity, mutual respect and unconditional love are pillars of a happy and everlasting marriage. Perhaps, these traits make us inseparables. Finally, I did sound like a gyani one.

So friends, I look forward to more such celebrations and partying with my lovely family. Love you Amita, Vansh and Vihaan