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L7 Follows the Mahalaxmi Puja Message of Prosperity and Goodwill

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Just couple of days after Ganesh Chaturthi in many households of Maharashtra, especially in the Vidarbha region, preparation for welcoming the Mahalaxmi gains momentum. It’s a very auspicious occasion awaited by all every year. The story goes that Mahalaxmi and her sister along with their kids come to their parent’s house for three days and it is the duty of each household where they are worshipped to welcome them joyfully and celebrate the occasion.

The story and discipline of worship of Mahalaxmi celebrations may vary from one home to the other but the beauty, happiness and prosperity that the two sisters bring is incomparable. This tradition of worshipping Mahalaxmi –Jeshtha and Kanishtha is associated with the family history and every family has something special to tell about their ancestors.  All over there is an atmosphere of festivity and purity.

The women of the household has to start preparing for the celebration couple of days earlier and has to prepare special Maharashtrian sweets such as  karanji, pati and ladoo. Every year new type of decoration, ornaments or some novel idea is put into use when the Mukhavta of both the sisters and their children are established. Each household has a new concept and some different tradition and it is a joy to eat all the variety of Prasad that is served on the second day of the celebration.

The tradition along with the mukhavta of the both the sisters and their children have been in the family for years together and are preserved with great care and reverence.

Prosperity, Goodwill and L7

In Hindu mythology, Mahalaxmi is considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity and affluence only stays at one place if it is supplemented with respect and goodwill. The growing success and prosperity of L7 Group over past more than a decade suggests that the company has seriously adapted to all these principles throughout its working.

The company has good relations with all its associated companies and working partners. It has established healthy relationship with everyone in its association worldwide. What’s more, all the company staff of L7 Group works together in unison and has great respect for the talent and skill of their colleagues.

Every year when each household prays for prosperity, happiness and peace before the beautiful and peaceful murtis of Mahalaximis L7 Group too vows to march peacefully and with goodwill albeit with more enthusiasm and determination towards progress and development. The intention is to contribute in some way to bring happiness and prosperity in the life of people who work with them and believe them.