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The above words ring in my ears and generate vigorous energy in me. For Ravi Agrawal, it may not have been possible to see the change today, if had not decided to implement a change years ago. The best part in the entire process is one cannot change others; the change has to be brought in oneself to see a change around. This, I feel is one of the easiest and the most difficult part too! Surprisingly, still everyone wishes the other end to change.

When I look back at the recent start-up summit where our honourable PM addressed the rising entrepreneurs, I had never wondered that, years after I step into the entrepreneurship arena, a day would arrive when the whole country would set ablaze with the idea of entrepreneurship! This radical change is again not around us, it’s within us. Breaking the monotonous trend of stable jobs and mundane job routine, it is really great to see the youth gearing up for challenging roles. Moreover, the Government and private incubators have a lot to support these budding entrepreneurs; motivate them don the hat of entrepreneurship and help them surf the wave smoothly.

After years of independence, Narendra Modiji’s speech at the start-up summit would have been the best gift to the youth on the eve of Republic day. We all are undergoing a renaissance that will change the face of the country for years to come. When I see around me, I find new evolution at all frontiers. Going digital itself has embarked us upon a new anvil that shall be pivotal in changing the wheels of future.

On this Republic day, all my good wishes to the country fellow men and especially the youth who have an access to opportunities walking along their way. This is the right time to strike hard and set to be a part of the change within. Happy Republic Day!