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Late_Shri_Om Prakash_Ji_Agrawal
It’s difficult to come to terms that the beginning of 2015 would leave me bereaved. The unexpected loss of my loving dad was shocking and this kind of exit was certainly not what I was anticipating on my return from Australia tour. At the wee hours of Jan 6 2015, he left us all for heavenly abode, leaving behind memories never to forget. Being just 62 years old, surely, it was not the time for him to leave us.Before I could start chasing the goals set for 2015, I thought of refreshing myself with an Australia tour during the year end. Although, the Australia tour geared me up for the mission that lay ahead, destiny had something else in store for me.While leaving for Australia, I knew, my dad was in pink of his health. I had bid him goodbye, leaving him in his usual spirit of energy and enthusiasm. None the less, even he had been to Rajasthan to greet the forthcoming New Year. That day, he did not forget to call and wish each and everyone, including his extended family, a great year ahead!

On return from Australia, after landing up in Nagpur on 5th Jan, I decided to hit the office first, which was my normal routine. But it was 9.30pm and then I thought, apparently I cannot begin my work without New Year blessings from my dad. Knowing that he retires everyday by 11pm, we all reached home, to find him eagerly waiting for us. The children were too looking forward to the chocolate celebration, which had become a tradition between dad and the kids. I wished that moment could have never ended!

It’s hard to accept, that it was the last night we all spent with him.

We had just restored from the lesion of our mom, who left us just 15 months back. Probably, all alone up there, she needed dad much more than all of us. Today, while recollecting the childhood memories, I can see my mom & dad, settling up in Nagpur, with nothing at their disposal. The journey from rags to riches was not so easy.

Dad was a perfect example of optimism, perseverance and a person driven by values. He followed very simple philosophies of being true to self and others, looking at a broader picture rather than being straight jacketed, loved to be social than choose a discrete path. His love and affection which extended beyond the family fence could be seen during his last rituals. People swarmed up in hordes to bid him goodbye and lay him to rest for his final journey. That day, I saw in people, the hope and dream that he sowed to last forever!

His acquaintances know him for his sharp acumen in business and his fervor to accept new challenges and scale the heights. Besides this trait, he earned a humungous goodwill for the charity and donations that he made. He believed in being a part of the masses and walk along with them. He actually preached leadership not by words but by his actions!

His void is impossible to be filled up, but as a tribute I want to promise myself that the values that he has inculcated shall not be washed out. Bidding an adieu to my loving dad, all I can do to maintain his legacy and make him feel proud is to cherish, follow and percolate his vision and values. Love you always for being a friend, anchor, inspiration and a guiding light. #Respect and Rest in Peace!

Miss you forever…..