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Yeh Hai Mumbai Nagariya to Dekh Babua!!

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After reading the latest headlines Mumbai Coastal Road gets an environment ministry nod, I can’t resist remembering this track from movie Don – “Yeh hai Mumbai nagariya to dekh babua….”

Well, this news puts me up in a dilemma though!”

I agree that this might prove to be the most wonderful gift by Modiji’s Sarkar. Traffic congestion has almost been an eternal trouble for Mumbaikar’s. Albeit, this 35km coastal road between Marine Drive and Kandivali will decongest the traffic to quite a bit extent, my concerns prevail around the possibility of environmental disturbance.

Each change has its own pros and cons and I have my doubt that this coastal road might also project similar attribute. I also do not understand what charisma did this 9 crore project lay, which made the existing Government overturn its 37-year old policy decision of preserving the coastal zones surrounding the city? Additionally, the viability of the proposed 91 hectares green space along the coastal road; would it cover-up the caused environment deficit?

I have seen the city adorn with Worli sea-face link, the metro, the flyovers, the iconic statues, free Wi-Fi and what not!! Not to forget, this city which happens to be the economic-booster of the country, undoubtedly, gets everyone’s attention. Every icon (local or international), who has visited Mumbai, can never forget its mesmerizing charm.

Change for a good is always welcomed and the authorities have come up with their best in their pursuit to do a makeover of Mumbai. I have celebrated festivals here, enjoyed the night-life with this city, the fatal terror attacks still lingers, seen people overcoming the deluge, the traffics and much more. All I look forward is a balance between human efforts and the eco-system while bringing around a good change. End of the day, it’s we all who would face the brunt in case of any unforeseen natural disaster.