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The Versatile Dynamism of Ravi Agrawal

Passion and deep interest drive a dynamic and success-oriented person to venture into diverse fields. Such people never feel satisfied with reaching one pinnacle but are determined to keep on surging ahead and finding out new strategies and paths to achieving great heights. Ravi Agrawal, is one such dynamic individual, independent and clear in his thoughts and unrelenting in his pursuit of success and diversified businesses.

Founder and the Chairman of the fastest growing organization, the L7 Group the enormous growth and success of the company has been mostly due to the innovative and visionary decisions and actions of Ravi Agrawal.

Dynamic Diversification
Business oriented attributes such as versatile interests and zest to succeed form the major part of Ravi Agrawal’s personality. And the results are for everyone to see. The stupendous success of the L7 Group in such a short time is majorly due to the excellent niche-oriented strategies of its chairperson. At present, the group deals with multiple interests and industries such as Finance and the Hospitality Industry, Trading Commodities and Securities and Construction Industry. Under his apt guidance, the company has flourished in all the sectors and made an impressive impact in the market of respective fields.

Unparallel Commitment is the Key
This continuous success chain is not a miracle. Unparalleled commitment, careful considerations and reviews at every step and the inherent zest to deliver and come up with nothing but the best is the driving force behind. That is why the great growth and success of the L7 Group in all the fields it has ventured into does not come as a surprise. Rather it is the much-deserved achievement and a harbinger for many such success stories to follow suit.

A Man with Multiple Facets
Ravi Agrawal is easily one of the most successful and dynamic businessperson of the country and with his remarkable talent has made a great impact on the industrial scenario of India, that too in a very short time span. He comes from a business family and thus had the inspiration and inclination to run a business right from his home.
Not the one to be satisfied by limitations, after joining his family business, through his uncanny business aptitude he maneuvered the business strategically taking it to new heights. From clinching major contracts from the major players in the market through clean yet shrewd business tactics to gaining an edge in the competition by implementing high working standards and state-of-the-art infrastructure, he has managed to tilt the market favor in his direction.

Right from the start, he never deterred to take different and challenging decisions. Even after gaining a contract from The Food Corporation of India for wheat and rice, he decided to expand his interests further and within two years from joining, the business started working on Soya bean, a new grain. This and many such remarkable decisions have proven to be a milestone in the success journey of L7 Group.

Philanthropist to the Core
Despite of gaining enormous success, Ravi Agrawal has his feet firmly planted on the ground and believes in giving back to the society that has witnessed and directly or indirectly supported him in his ventures.