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The launch of ‘Digital India’ project was actually anticipated and did not come as a surprise. After BJP’s victory and Hon. PM Narendra Modiji took up to the wheels, almost all areas and sectors got enveloped in clouds of change. With the vision of $20 trillion economy, Modiji certainly could not skip connecting the dots with a campaign such as Digital India.

A visionary’s determination remains undeterred and the only one thing that he breathes is “GOAL”! Nothing other than technology could have come to Modiji’s assistance in the pursuit of his $20 trillion economy vision.

In the flashback, I recollect the era of the vintage telephone with its semi-go-round dialing pad at my dad’s office and not to forget the ring tone Tring…Tring…. And now, I am amidst chic Smartphone’s!! Well, it’s just not about telephones, but practically, almost everything has changed after the Midas touch of technology.

Mobile apps and e-commerce has been constantly adding to our comfort zone. Not to forget the nostalgic moments such as negotiating with the local baniya, feel the fabric before buying clothes, waiting in the long queue for travel tickets and much more. Now, it is just not the food aroma that develops hunger pang, but surprisingly, the food gallery of a restaurant app arouses the same feeling. Technology, while creating its own space in our world, though, did not deprive us of these emotional factors.

In my intense travel itinerary, I might appear nomadic, but my gadgets keep me well-connected while on move. The comfort of home cannot be compared with anything, but thanks to technology, every minute I am close to my near and dear ones 🙂

Connectivity is the only thing that builds bonds and this is what exactly mission ‘Digital India’ takes care of. Connecting every corner of the country with Wi-Fi, getting e-portals that bring transparency of Government affairs, mobile apps to bring in convenience are small steps towards an effort to diminish physical boundaries.

In adversity lies opportunity and our PM, actually, is adept at unleashing the power of opportunities. As the Chairman of L7 Group of Companies, I look further to more such projects which shall take our country onto a new threshold and develops opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs to participate and explore business avenues.

About Author: Ravi Agrawal, the Chairperson of L7 Group of Companies is an Indian business magnate and popular for his diverse businesses portfolio. Very few know him for his love for travel and writing passion. Ravi envisages the potential of the project ‘Digital India’ and through this blog shares his opinion on how connecting with everyone has radically changed over a period of time.