Ravi Agrawal

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Wish you all a Very Happy and a Prosperous New year! Let’s welcome the New Year with the warmth of love, good health, joy and prosperity. It’s a well-known tradition of welcoming New Year with a resolution. On a personal note, I have yet to choose one resolution out of the umpteen that I have in my mind right now. Jokes apart, but I am surely going to bang on one at least!Well, along with greetings I would like to share the most interesting thing which has left me enthralled. The radical changes that the society is going through, is surely commendable. The entire society seems to sway on new hopes and is beaming with pride at the social causes that the government has undertaken. For example, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make In India, sanitation concerns are a few of the things which everyone is talking about today and is willing to take up the onus to keep our country clean and hygienic. The media byte on this cause is also interesting! The activities have got viral and each one, big and small, is glad to be a part of these campaigns.

Let’s hope that the New Year brings in some more of such initiatives and we work towards a safe and clean environment. Warm wishes once again and look forward to new horizons, new aspirations and new opportunities in 2015!