About Mr. Ravi Agrawal

Ravi AgrawalMr Ravi Agrawal is an Indian business magnate and an apt example which exemplifies that if a person has strong determination and willingness, than nothing can stop him or her from achieving the set goals. Ravi’s persona highlights his strong business skills which elevated L7 from the ancestral trade to a colossal dynasty of L7 Group of Companies. The L7 Group boasts of its inclusion in diversified business sectors.

Mr. Ravi joined the family business in the year 2003 while he was in his first year of Commerce graduation. His prudent strategies spelled a Midas touch on L7 which was a single company then.

Ravi Agrawal’s first contract in Rice and Wheat trading with Food Corporation of India set a new milestone. He further experimented with new grain Soya Bean, which put up L7 at an accelerated pace.

Besides being known as an iconic entrepreneur, Ravi Agrawal is also a noble philanthropist. His social initiatives are carved out to empower the poor and needy with necessary supplies and address the root cause of their problems. He opposes the idea of giving out freebies which creates life-long dependency and therefore some of his activities engaged in providing free technical education in tailoring and computer programs. The overall intention is to imbibe skills in them which will qualify them for employment.

In spite of the tight schedules and work meets, he is a person who knows to maintain a perfect balance between work, family and friends. His weekends are spent with family members or at his guest house where he unwinds with his friends and relatives. Ravi Agrawal is passionate about his hobbies and loves to indulge in adventure sports and treks. His favorite holiday destinations are Spain and Dubai.

As a mentor to the budding entrepreneurs, Ravi puts forward the business mantra taught by his father. “Commit Less and Deliver More” is crucial for any business entity to soar heights and emerge as a successful organization.



The L7 Group is one of the fastest growing conglomerates with diverse business interests. Founded and Chaired by Mr. Ravi Agrawal the L7 Group has ventured into number of business sectors. As far as the L7 Group is concerned, the diversification is not for the sake of survival but it is essentially an effort to replicate the success strategies those have been mastered in one industry in the other niches.

The L7 Group deals with various industries including Construction Industry, Finance and the Hospitality Industry. The L7 Group flourishes on its diversification strategies. The L7 Group never fails to set its mark regardless of the industry that it ventures into, whether it is the Construction Industry, Finances or the Hospitality Industry, the L7 Group shows unswerving commitment to its customers by providing unparalleled services. Wherever the L7 Group goes and whatever the Company does, it takes innovation with it, which helps the L7 Group to deliver the best results.

The L7 Group will continue to diversify into variety of other industries in the near future bringing excellence to its customers. All the diversifications are made by the company only after careful review and consideration. The L7 Group enjoys great success and growth in every industry that it has ventured into already, thereby becoming one of the most powerful brands in India.


For any conglomerate that is as large and as diverse as the L7 Group, making prudent investments is of paramount importance. The L7 Group of Companies has made very strategic investments and has entered into winning partnerships that are meant to take the corporation to the next level.

Some of the joint ventures of the L7 Group include:
Land Development – The Biggest Ever Luxurious Township in Central India. The official website of this enterprise is www.l7infra.com.
Wedding Destination – A Five Star Event and Occasion Management Company for the elite families in Central India.

Every partnership or joint venture of the L7 Group has been very carefully reviewed and designed by the young and energetic Chairman Mr. Ravi Agrawal. He is all set to making the L7 Group to be one of the top brands not only in Central India but nationally.

The company is expecting to enter into many such joint ventures and make further new strategic investments in diverse industries.


The L7 Group has made very positive strides in the hospitality industry. Under the able leadership and guidance of the Chairman Mr. Ravi Agrawal, the L7 Group has set its foot on a very ambitious project in the hospitality industry. The first project of the group in the hospitality industry is the emerging holiday resort named the L7 Resorts.

The Resorts is expected to be one of the groundbreaking projects in the hospitality industry. The Resort has an elaborate plan for the flagship holiday resort in India. The Resorts is modelled after some of the world-class resorts but with its own unique touch, which will set the resort apart from the other players in the industry.

Once the project is completed, the L7 Resorts will certainly be one of the top holiday destinations in the country. Those who have a keen eye for quality and those who are particular about having premium holiday experience will find the L7 Resorts to be one of the ultimate destinations.

The Resorts will have all the modern amenities with star class facilities that match global standards giving people the space and the privacy they need so that they can take healthy breaks from their highly pressurizing routines. The resort will be staffed with the most experienced staff to extend the most professional and friendly services to the guests.


Mr. Ravi Agrawal is not just an aggressive businessman, he believes in giving back to the society and he does it in a very magnanimous way. As a ‘New-age Leader’, Mr. Ravi Agrawal does not encourage giving freebies to those in need; he understands very clearly that giving food and other freebies will solve their problems only temporarily. In the dictionary of Mr. Ravi Agrawal, helping the needy means giving them the required technology so that they can win with their bread themselves rather than develop life long dependency on a benefactor who will dole out freebies to them.

Aided by this liberative thinking Mr. Ravi Agrawal has extended his support to the needy in a variety of ways and just to name a few:
Setting up of technical education program to slum dwellers on tailoring. Along with this program, the deserving candidates have been provided with sewing machines.
A computer training program has been designed and delivered executed by Mr. Ravi Agrawal for the women and girls that are residing in slum.
Both the programs have been highly successful and numerous people have already benefited. These programs help the downtrodden generate sustainable long term income and to move to the next level in their life. Mr. Ravi Agrawal’s Philanthropic interests has also made him donate a vehicle named, ‘Vaikunth Rath’ to an NGO that coordinates free funeral service. Mr. Ravi Agrawal has established a lifestyle for himself that has philanthropic interests ingrained in it.